Pop Culture Influencing Gender Equality

The direction that the world has taken socially over the last 200 years have been greatly powered by popular culture. And popular culture becomes “popular” because it is mentioned over and over again in media. Media has the power to change a society and it is this power that actors in the gender equality fight are tapping into.

Influencing The Society

televison with the word pop cultureThere are now many organisations in the fight for women and men to be regarded on the same level in all spheres. Even though each particular group of activists has its own specific niche area of interest they have agreed that using media to push their agenda is the best way forward.
As a result, there has been a lot of funding that has been going into the arts from the activists. The result is a win-win scenario that very few people could have foreseen. Armed with the funds required to create better quality art, the artists have proven their worth.
They have stood up to the challenge and created music, paintings, sculptures, motion pictures and books of the best quality. To be able to get the population of this generation engaged is a hard thing. There are just too many things competing for our attention at every moment of the day.

Creating a Positive Circle

In order to use the opportunity well, many of the artists have produced breathtaking work. This has raised the standard of work in their respective areas of expertise.

The art improves, the art fan gets a better product, the message is effectively spread-out, the organization registers a success. This ends with the artists getting more jobs to “influence” people.