Polygamy demystified at Yebo Casino

Polygamy is loosely defined as a lifestyle that involves having more than one partner. In South Africa, this is a legal marriage set-up if you are customarily married. That being the “catch” in the whole thing. Only the customary marriage allows people to be in a polygamous union. All other marriage acts including the “new world” Civil Unions Act of 2006 do not allow polygamous marriages.

How to Become a Polygamist

man with his four wivesYou know your favourite online casino has all the answers to everything. And since we are well acquainted with Google we took the time to find out the top tips on becoming a polygamist.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of content that is out there on how to be a successful polygamist. We took the time to find out what the top sites had to say on the topic.


The American centred site speaks mostly about the need to legalize the unions. A more useful tip on the site is about finding willing participants. You might have to move to polygamy friendly zones where there are more opportunities to meet mates.

The Deen Show

There is literary too much to take in on this site in one session. But the one thing that we have to share is on co-wife rivalry. A quote in the article reads “the insecurity of the first wife is that the second wife is her replacement and he doesn’t love her anymore. The insecurity of the second wife is that the first wife is his first love and he’ll never love her as much as he loves his first.”

The Conclusion

Polygamy is a lifestyle choice that Yebo Casino respects. The quintessential thing in life is to find your own true joy, not anyone else’s. Unfortunately, it does not come with any free spin bonuses to try out the game before risking real money. But that’s just a gambler’s point of view.

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