Prime Pledges Made at Global Citizen Concert

Astounding pledges were made at Global Citizen Concert as the world was remembering Nelson Mandela’s legacy. We are now talking about real money here.

Nevertheless, billions of dollars, and hear me carefully, Billions of dollars, not Rands, were pledged to improve the living standards of every South African and Africans at large.

On the other hand, The Global Citizen Concert was graced with a lot of entertainment. Trevor Noah buzzed with jokes offering Mzansia lot of gags, Beyoncé’s performance was also something to cheer about.

Perfomances at Global Citizen Concert
Global Citizen Concert Performances

Furthermore, The Global Citizen Concert achieved its mission. With businessmen around the globe pledging loads sums of money to fight inequality and injustice that has afflicted Africa. Poverty, as well as abuse of human rights, has become an order of the day. But that is about to end soon.

In addition to that, there was a plethora of well-known business figures from the Rainbow nation, with the like of Mostepe Foundation gracing the event.

Pledges Made at Global Citizen Concert

Major firms within South African and some beyond the borders made awesome pledges to improve the livelihood of South Africans. This truly means the future is absolutely bright for everyone in the Rainbow nation.

World Bank Pledged- $1 Billion

The President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim made an astonishing announcement that caught the hearts of the crowd at FNB Stadium. His organisation vowed to pour in $1 Billion to improve the health facilities and the educational system across Africa.

Canadian Prime Minister- Justin Trudeau- $50 Million

Justin Trudeau became the first main leader to commit to this cause. The Prime Minister of Canada apologised for not attending the Global Citizen Concert. His country donated $50 Million for education and other emergencies.

In addition, organisations such as Vodacom also played their part in honour of Nelson Mandela’s legacy.