The Smartest Online Craps Bets You Can Make

The origin of Craps dates back to 500 years ago and during its tenure, the game has become very popular worldwide. The name Craps was actually a mispronunciation of crabs. But these facts are not worth real money. Whats worth real money is knowing the smartest online craps bets. These kinds of bets will actually win you big and you are guaranteed to walk away with amazing prizes at Yebo Casino. Let’s share with you some top notch and smartest bets you can make when you are betting for real money.

Understanding Online

Craps Bets

One thing high stakes online casino players must know is that online craps is a dice shooting girl. The main goal is to make sure you match and avoid certain numbers. However, let’s boil it down to the main concept the online Crap bets:

The Pass Line

This is one of the most common bets in online craps. This bet is there to make you win big only if you bet on the shooter to roll a 7 or 11. If that happens perfectly you will definitely earn an instant win.


Understaninf Online Craps Bets

Real Money Online Craps Bets

 Betting on 6 or 8

Even though 7 is the most common roll in the game of Craps. The common one that follows is a 6 or 8. However with the house edge of 1,5% and the odds of rolling a 6 or 8 are13,89%. This simply means you have a good chance of making decent money betting 6 or 8.

Odds Bet

The moment you place your bet on the pass line, make sure you don’t pass line. The best option is the odds bet. The way the bet is placed makes it an integral part of the game. Moreover, the good way of looking at the Odds Bet is like you simply adding value to your bet for you to win real money. Play Online Craps at Yebo Casino and stand a chance to win real money on a regular interval.



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