Popular One Hit Songs

Sometimes it is not all about enjoying a wide range of online casino games. The same thing is applicable to music and entertainment. Sometimes a one hit is what people need. There are certain music tracks which brilliantly became one hit wonders of all time. And up until now, these songs are still appreciated and they been embraced jealously.

Some of these songs we come across them when we are playing online casino games. Maybe we don’t usually pay much attention since we will be focusing on winning real money.  Let’s level it all up for you and you will get the real picture on what we are on about.

The Final Countdown- 1986Picture of final countdown a top one hit song

This song has gone down in history. The vibrant song was conceived through the track’s keyboard intro.  And that is the most part that makes it more iconic and entertaining. The Final Countdown was on number one in more than 25 countries in the world. More so, the album that has the mentioned track sold three million copies.

Kevin Lyttle- Turn Me On

This song by Kevin Lyttle will always be a one hit wonder that will live long. Till now this track will rock the party all day long. It makes you reminisce on the good old days. Lyttle’s high-pitched voice during the entire song is both entertaining and top notch. The reggae instilled beats inspired Rihanna’s songs such as “Pon De Replay and “Man Down.”

Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girls

These were days when the music industry turned a new leaf with Sean Kingston pop beats. Sean Kingston’s song Beautiful Girls will always go down in the books of pop music. It was and it’s still a one hit wonder that many music lovers will not just sweep under the carpet.

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