Oliver Mtukudzi an African Gift to the World

Musician Dr Oliver Mtukudzi who passed away at the age of 66 will always remain an African icon and an African gift to the world. The Zimbabwean musician was a great cultural ambassador who never betrayed his African roots.

Oliver Mtukudzi
Oliver Mtukudzi “Tuku”

However, his music along with its impression resonate with a global audience and he became popular all over the world.

The Jazz legend made friends here in Mzansi and made some wonderful collaborations with many South African musicians. He (Tuku) and his friend Hugh Masekela produced a number of masterpiece tracks that include “No Borders.”

Mtukudzi died on the 23rd of January, the same day his friend Hugh Masekela passed away last year.

A Wide Picture of Oliver Mtukudzi Music

Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi’s music offered the world a very good message. He would sing on anything that is affecting an ordinary black person from social lives to politics. Tuku’s music always had a message mainly to the African community. But his talking guitar made the international community fall in love with his music.

Tuku in his song “Todii” merely reflected the challenges that are being faced with the people living with HIV/AIDS. The song also touched base on the people who nurse those who are living with the disease. Being a social activist he went to seek for help on this song, asking the society on what to do. “Todii”?

Oliver Mtukudzi was also a preacher of peace and stability. And that might have contributed for him to be appreciated the world all over. The song “Mhirizhonga” clearly send a strong message to the political leaders to remain peaceful and not to use violence as a way of communication.

Not only has Zimbabwe lost a great philanthropist but it is a great loss to South Africa and the world at large. From all of us at Yebo, Rest in Peace African Legend