No Load Shedding expected During the Festive Season

The South African power supply Eskom announced on Friday that there is a minor improvement in the power supply. The power supplier highlighted that it was load shedding below the Second stage, Stage 2. But they have managed to rectify the situation and put things in place.

Electricity Blackout in South Africa
Load Shedding in South Africa 2018

However, the power utility has announced that the rotational Stage 1 of Load shedding was certain on Saturday. But the country will not anticipate any load shedding on Sunday. Nevertheless, South Africa will have to brace for another load shedding on Sunday.

Moreover, starting on Monday 10 December up to 13 December the power supplier mentioned that short supply of electricity will resume. The Eskom team has been working tirelessly to make sure that Mzansi is lit or light up during the festive season. “Our maintenance teams are tirelessly working round clock to return the generating units back online”

Eskom to Curb Load Shedding

South Africa has brilliantly improved its industrial sector with many goods being produced. However, Eskom has queried that the high demand for power from heavy industries has decreased the country’s power grid.

Therefore, Eskom is likely to produce electricity when most of the industries close for festive season break. This means that power will be back to normal from the 14th of December up until 13 January. And there is no expectation of load shedding whatsoever.

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