Nintendo Bringing Mario Kart to Smartphones

Here’s some exciting news for smartphone users who love gaming: Mario Kart is coming to a smartphone near you!

The announcement about Mario Kart Tour being released came sometime last year. Mario game Tour is the mobile version of the Mario Kart games. We are happy that it’s all happening this year, 2019.

However, Nintendo has not yet releases full details on Mario Kart. Also, the game developer has not announced the actual release date. However, it’s apparent that the day the game will be released; it will replace most smartphone games.

Nintendo posted on Twitter last year in February that the game was in development and should be available in 2019.

The original Super Mario was released on the SNES in 1992 and it appealed to many players. It was in 1996 that the game was revamped and released again, now as an N64 edition. This cemented Super Mario as a good game among other competitive games.

Background Check on Mario Kart

The game was so successful at the time. In fact, the Nintendo game was N64’s second best-selling game. It was only beaten by Super Mario 64. Shifting almost 10m copies gave bananas a nutrition-free second wind. Also, Bowser got an uncomfortable looking 50cc mode of transportation to race around with.

For some time, there was a heated debate among fans who were tried to figure out which the best course and tournament was in the Mario Kart universe. After much debate, fans finally agreed that the Mushroom Cup was the best tournament. This was mostly because it really looked like the game developers had actually been on shrooms while they were designing the game.

The very first track in Super Mario Kart, Luigi Raceway, was a very simple track that had an irritatingly open course that resulted in so many crashes into pillars, blocky green hills and water.

The final course, Kalimari Desert, was glorious. It had something fishy about it. In fact, it didn’t have narrow wooden bridges like the others.