New phone alert!

The new Nokia 7.1 has launched in South Africa. That is a new device to play online casino games. Furthermore, the best part being that the launch date is towards the end of the year when we are getting bonuses meaning we can afford it. Other than being a great new smartphone for us to play online casino games on, allow us to show you what else the new Nokia 7.1 has for South Africans.

the new nokia 7.1 picture Nokia 7.1 What’s Hot?

For all those in Mzansi who were looking for a new smartphone with a premium design, then your search has ended. The new Nokia 7.1 is a smartphone where “design meets engineering excellence.” The phone is bigger and better than its predecessors, however, despite the fact, it is designed to fit perfectly in your hand.

The Nokia 7.1 comes with stunning ZEISS Optics12MP/5MP dual cameras. It is with this great camera combination that you can achieve the perfect picture with HDR photography. Meaning that you have your perfect camera for all the selfies and the pictures that we all know that you love to take.

Operating System

The Nokia 7.1 will be part of the Android One and Nokia family. The Android One and Nokia family have made a phone that has great storage as well an amazing battery life. Therefore, for all those planning on going on road trips or travelling, this would be the perfect smartphone for you.

Where Can You Get it?

For all the South Africans who want this phone, it comes in Gloss Midnight Blue. In addition to that, it will be available from the 6th of November 2018 at Vodacom and selected retailers. You can get this phone and enjoy taking pictures as well as playing online casino games. Priced at only R5 999, it has definitely been priced to go. Start your November in style and end your 2018 in style with the Nokia 7.1