Rowan Atkinson Death News a Hoax

Rowan Atkinson, popularly known by his television name “Mr Bean” has flooded the internet. Reports are claiming that he has died. The news has flooded the internet and internet users are being urged not click the page with such information. The news has been confirmed to be false. It is a sinister exercise by internet hackers.

This is not the first time that Mr Bean has been a victim of such claims. In 2017 he was reported that he had died in car crash in Los Angeles.

Mr Bean Is Alive

Mr Bean

The headline has dragged FOX News under the bus.  The hackers with the story are being reported to be from a FOX News site. The former has however lamented that they are not responsible for the news and they don’t have any form of relationship with the publisher whatsoever. The actor who is popularly known for his comical stunts in the movie Johnny English is well and alive.

The publishers of the fake news are people who steal money from people online. The scammers have shared a video link related to Fox news, but if you click the link your computer will automatically lock. Thereafter it will request you to call a support number.

How do they Operate?

To unlock your computer device the hackers will eventually ask for your banking details. This will enable them to hack into your bank account system and voila! They will steal your savings. Another scenario is whereby they will ask you to download certain software into your computer. This software will allow them access to your computer device where they will have access to your important files and other confidential documents.

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