Mothering Sunday VS Mother’s Day

The majority of the world population are oblivious to the fact that Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day are two completely different holidays. There is a very simple and logical reason that justifies the ignorance.

Mother’s Day is primarily celebrated in the United States of America and the nations that it influences. On the other hand Mothering Sunday is a church event observed in European countries by Catholics and Protestants alike.

The History

Very few things can be further apart in origins and have almost the same name as these two days. We are going to give a quick breakdown of how we ended up with both days on our calendars.

Mothering Sunday

As previously mentioned Mothering Sunday is the product of Europe’s Christian heritage. In the early days when Church attendances where higher it was considered an honour for your child to serve in the Church.picture of young girl giving flowers to her mother

As a result, a large number of children spent several months without seeing their parents. The tradition of the day was that the fourth Sunday of Lent people had to worship at their “Mother Church”. So for this one day, every year children in service to the church would get the opportunity to see their mothers.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was born several millennia later in America. The mother of mother’s day is Anna Jarvis. The lady who lived in the early years of the 1900’s started the tradition of celebrating the day in partial fulfilment to her late mother’s wishes.

The mother had expressed how she strongly felt about the idea of having a day to honour remember the contribution of mothers worldwide. On the 10th of May 1908, Jarvis held a memorial for her mother and all the mothers of West Virginia. This became the first observance of Mother’s Day.

Celebrating the Same Way

Regardless of how the days came about, they both honour the role that mothers play in our society. So, on both days mothers receive a lot of candy, cards, flowers and other presents. Some of the top Children in Mzansi give their mothers gift coupons to play real casino games at Yebo Casino.

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