Why people have more sex in winter

Everyone is trying to get warm this winter. The colder it gets, the more you get laid. Statistics on hand suggest that men who help do the dishes and help around the house are more likely to get sex. Well, there is an excuse to work this winter season, a justified one at that since everyone is trying to get warm.
Whenever you think about the statement “Winter is coming” your mind might rush to think about Game of Thrones’. The White Walkers that are about to take over the world, the incest or wild explicit sex scenes.
Yes! The GOT series compliments this article very well and the winter activities too. However, enough of Game of Thrones lets look at why getting laid is upon us.

Craving for warmth and closeness

Winter season brings along unbearably cold temperatures that will make you want to lay in bed a little bit longer before you get up and prepare for work. This is also the reason you have to have layers and layers of clothes on you. Leaving the house become less appealing, only leaving when it is really necessary to get up and go.
The reason why people want to have sex is that they crave belonging and closeness. What the body feel can be a reflection of what you feel inside. By means of cuddling and wanting each other close together will develop the desire to having sex.
There is that funny statement that most people born in the first quarter of the years are a result of their parents winter cuddles. Having been conceived during the cold.

Exercise to lose weight

Romping between the sheet will help you burn some serious calories. But this depends on how much romping you do during the sex. Consider having sex for about 25 – 30 minutes to burn more 60 calories. If the washing of dishes to get more sexual favours from your partner fails to work, this can be a great backup point.
Having sex more regularly aids you to lose weight almost double as much. Regular sex cannot be compared to tossing and turning before falling asleep. Therefore spare some time for sex before going to falling asleep to burn some calories overnight.

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