Yebo Casino’s Dream Movie of the Month

baby avatarIt’s been quite some time since the announcement of the Avatar Sequel. Yebo Casino cannot stop wondering what James Cameroon has in store for us. This has to be one of the most highly anticipated movies?

2009 seems to be ages back but who can forget how Avatar turned out to be a very good production. A movie like Avatar is really hard to forget.

Reasons why we look forward to watching the upcoming Avatar Sequel

1.     Original Avatar Movie was a hit

The original science fiction movie that was released in 2009 and it was an outstanding movie. It scooped multiple awards from the behind screen crew to the face of the Avatar, which is the actors and actresses. The plot of the story was exceptionally good. The visual and sound effects, colour, and many other aspects helped turn the movie into one of the best flicks of all time.

2.     James Cameroon

Cameroon has proved to be one of the greatest film Producer-director, and writer. From the production of the classic Titanic romance to exquisite setups of faraway places of Pandora, the moon forest and next-generation science and technology. Cameroon has proven to us that he is a stupendous film Producer.

3.     Amazing Cinematic

Many would agree that the movie Avatar is a result of hard work. The movie allowed viewers to travel to far away places such as the Pandora moon which had out of this world flora and fauna. Cameroon was able to produce the best motion picture action scenes.

4.     The Love Story

Jake and Neytiri start off on the wrong foot. Jake is a blank headed foreign guy in Pandora but determined to explore and Neytiri a patriotic female warrior who at first does not trust Jake and found him very annoying. However, as time moved on the two got pretty close and later fall in love.

We are all looking forward to what happens next in the upcoming sequel. We trust that James Cameroon will create another hit. In the meantime, we are going to continue playing casino games as we continue to wait because this movie is not coming anytime soon.