Mobile European Roulette Review

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games on offer at Yebo and its one of the most popular online casino games for real money. In general, its a popular game at any casino and has been for some time. Traditionally it been available on PC/MAC computers plus obviously for offline casinos its available as large tables on the casino floor. If you would walk into any casino in South Africa you would notice the large floor space that Roulette games are assigned. Now, something interesting has come along with regards to where and how you can get your roulette fix. We are about to launch our brand new euro roulette mobile version available on all smartphones and tablet devices. Yes folks, roulette on your mobile device! It offers a fully immersive interface covering the stylish roulette wheel to the realistic table felt and numbers. Even the spinning of the ball is graphically rich and you instantly feel you are playing a Class A game.roulette_bellyart

Mobile Roulette - iPad
Mobile Roulette – iPad

It would make sense that the tablet version is a better overall playing experience when compared to smaller screens of smartphones however these days with the larger 5 inch screen phones the user experience is still damn solid. The game is scheduled for release tomorrow the 24th June 2015 so look out for the email in your inbox or just visit our mobile site at from the browser on your phone or mobile device.

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