Millionaire Maker Jackpots In South Africa At Yebo Casino

Yebo Casino would not be the best online casino in South Africa if we did not offer players the opportunity to win a million Rands in one game. There are many games at the top online casino that run on progressive jackpot networks. Play these games for a chance to win massive real money jackpots. Which are ‘these’ games? Aztec Millions, Jackpot Piñatas, Spirit of Inca and Cleopatra’s gold. Before we begin to look at how to win big playing millionaire maker jackpots let us take a look at how they work.

The Way Progressive Jackpots Work

As previously mentioned the best millionaire maker jackpots are linked progressive online casino games. What this means is that there is more than one machine that is feeding the jackpot pool. The larger the network that the game is on, the faster the jackpot prize rises. This is because a small percentage of the money due to the casino as profit goes into the jackpot from every single bet made on all linked machines.

How To Win These Games At Yebo Casino

  1. Always bet Max. This is the bet that qualifies you for the progressive jackpot. All other bets will only pay the local jackpot. What a shame it would be to be robbed of your multi-million dollar jackpot because you failed to bet max.
  2. Play regularly. Because the games operate using Random Number Generators (RNG) there is no way to predict when the games will give up the jackpot prize. So you need to be playing regularly if you are serious about winning the jackpot.
  3. Be patient. These games are slow to pay but pay big when they do pay. So be ready for the long haul play. Do not expect any meaningful win on your quest. Whatever you win along the way just put it back in the game and wait for the big one. The big one is slow in coming but when it does it is worth the wait. Every seasoned trophy fisherman knows what we mean.

What makes these progressive games more rewarding is that they are linked to international networks. Therefore besides climbing quickly from the reset value, the value of the jackpot pushed up by players using stronger currencies.

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