Let’s get lucky in November

When it comes getting lucky in November, Yebo Casino as the perfect online slots that you can play. Our software provider RealTime Gaming has so many amazing online slots that are associated with luck. Since we all need a bit of luck, how about we take a look at these slots and see if you too might be one of the lucky winners.

Panda’s Gold

The panda is a very lucky animal in Asia. As a result, it was incorporated into this amazing RTG slot, Panda’s Gold. Just the name of the slot tells you that it is all about gold. In addition to all the gold, it comes with the luck of the Panda. Fashioned with 88 pay-lines and 5 reels, you should definitely try out this online slot.

the lucky 8 onlin slot,one of the games you you can get lucky in November

Lucky 8

Another of the lucky symbols that has been turned into an extraordinary RTG slot is Lucky 8. Alongside the panda, the number 8 is lucky. That would explain why RTG created the slot Lucky 8. The slot has a progressive jackpot with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. The sound, animations and the graphics are all just sublime. It is definitely a slot worthy of your play.

Happy Golden Ox of Happiness

The number 8 and the panda are not the only lucky symbols and animals that are part of the RTG family. There is also the ox. In Asian mythology, the ox is considered to be a lucky animal as well. In South Africa, we know that it makes good for a braai, but there is apparently more to it.  With the slot Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, you can with that same ox, walk away with real money prizes.

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