Lil Wayne’s Carter V Album Sends Fans into Rage

The talk of Lil Wayne’s new album Carter V almost came to an end yesterday. However, the much-anticipated album didn’t drop as expected and this angered fans of the Hip Hop chanter. Social media users went amok soon after the announcement was made.

Lil Wayne and his Godfather
Lil Wayne and Birdman

A couple months ago Lil Wayne and his godfather Bryan “Birdman” Williams mapped a way to amend the debacles that were happening between them. The development sent a spirit of belief to the fans with hope that Lil Wayne’s new album will soon be on its way. The release date of the album was announced and the fans were eagerly waiting. After last night’s news, this clearly shows why the fans are in up in arms.

It’s quite understandable why Lil Wayne’s fans reacted that way after the announcement. The album has been in the making for the past seven years and the waiting is now long overdue.

Lil Wayne Is Not Taking the Blame

Lil Wayne has been reported not taking the blame for angering the fans. A close source to the rapper mentioned that Young Money Records did not announce the date the album was going to be released. The source went on to put the blame on the fans for paying attention to rumours which were circulating on the internet.

The only thing that Young Money did was to release the album cover on to the internet. However, this took a twist as some well-known celebrities such as May Weather caption the album cover with a number. The number 21 that May Weather captioned on his post on social media made many people think that the album was going to be released on the 21st of September.

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