What Are Good Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities


Take a look at the character Viola Davis from “How To Get Away With Murder”, or Harvey Spector from “Suits”. Both are top lawyers with juniors who look up to them.

Ever thought why Barrack Obama’s final White House Correspondent dinner was so memorable? This is when former American President imitated Professional basketball star; Kobe Bryant by saying “Obama out”.

What are we getting at here? LEADERSHIP!

There are a lot of giants in the world. People who took on the leadership role and certainly left their mark. In this article, only a few of these role models will be mentioned as we explain more on good leadership qualities.


To be a great leader one needs to possess the charisma to inspire and motivate other people. Allow us to elaborate.

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie stepped up to fight cancer by going through a breast and ovaries mastectomy.  This is a medical procedure for removing both breast and ovaries to reduce the risk of Cancer. After discovering that she had a faulty gene that increased the risk of an attack, Jolie had to undergo a complex but beneficial surgery.

By putting her health first before everything, Jolie received a worldwide applause. Actions speak louder than words. To be a great leader, one has to inspire others through their actions.

Result OrientedWhat good leaders should do

When you are a leader, those who look up to you think, “I want to be like her/him”. This is when you inspire the people with results.

Being a leader does not mean you do not make mistakes. But it shows when you have learned from those mistakes.  As a leader, use these lessons to educate your peers and juniors.

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