Kenyan Girls Grab Google Attention

Female Genital Mutilation Application by Kenya Girls gets Google’s Attention

Five girls in Kenya have designed an application that helps girls that are at risk or have suffered from Female genital Mutilation (FGM) to find help. The application called I-Cut assists girls to find help centres near their location. This innovation has earned the girls an invitation to this year’s Technovation competition. The girls are the only African that will be at the competition that is to be held at the Google headquarters in California, USA.

What is Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital Mutilation is very common in most African countries. This practice is illegal in most the countries in the world. FGM is defined as the partial or total removal of the external genitalia. The procedures that are used result in psychological and physical wounds in the victims. Many people that have undergone the procedure have gone on to suffer from excessive bleeding, infertility and HIV.

Voluntary FMG

According to UNICEF there are more than 200 million girls in the world that have been subjected to FMG. However in this number there are some women who volunteered for such procedures. But when the girl/woman wants the procedure it becomes known as Labiaplasty. This is a very popular practice in the world. Kenyan girls invent FGM appCommonly known as designer vaginas, the trend has been around for a while. This procedure was reserved for the very wealthy. Now any woman can get their lady-parts trimmed to make it more attractive or tighter. In most countries only girls that are 18 and above are allowed to have the operation performed.

Yebo Casino Supporting Women Rights

Everyone at the #1 online casino in South Africa is against any form of forced mutilation. Especially when it involves the ladies. As the month of the women in South Africa it is necessary that we all bring light to such horrible acts. Also we have to celebrate the achievements of this young girls. Their invention clearly shows that African is on the path to fully empowering women.

Women should not be forced to alter their bodies to make men enjoy sex more. This ultimately reduces the women to mere objects of pleasure. Women are not real money casino games that should always satisfy the player. by treating them like that the world is losing the benefits of women contributing to development. Which these 5 girls clearly show that they are capable of doing. s