Kanye West, King of Controversy

Kanye West is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He is also the husband of Kim Kardashian. Which then makes a lot of sense when you start to look at the rappers recent behaviour. kanye and kimHe is seeking out controversial issues and choosing to make controversial comments about them. Naturally, this only leads to a level of disaster.

Or Does it?

For the last couple of weeks, Kanye West has been a trending topic. People are talking about him in the mainstream press, in social media and even on search engines he has become one of the most searched topics.

There is an album. An album that Kanye West is supposed to release soon. Without a doubt, the music industry is at its most competitive. Household names have become a thing of the past. You have to work hard for people to let you into their homes. Let alone buy the music.

The is No Bad Press

This is a very common phrase among publicist. Apparently, this strategy worked for Donald Trump in the elections (whom Kanye West supported). Now it seems that Kanye West is doing the same thing. With a lot of success, we might add.

The Proof of The Pudding

As we await the album there is a lot of hype around it because of its creator. Whether his online activities will yield real money results, only time will tell.

Rap has always been about controversy. From the day NWA to current day mega stars like Eminem rappers have never been afraid to go against the tide. So far this has worked out perfectly. But too much rope is known to hang the fool.