Can Kanye West be the Joke of the Month

Not Everyone’s Hero

Kanye West is a big man. Hate him, love him or be “pan” about it the guy is big. There are more rappers in the world than there are real money slots and Kanye is right there with the top of them.

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It is not every day that you get to tear into one of the world’s most loved musicians. So you have to understand the obvious delays by the writer. Kanye West has millions of fans. That is how he made all that money.
But you have to admit that he got it handed to him by a high school student.

Who’s Bad

Michael Jackson is probably the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T) in the music industry. And Kim Kardashian’s husband worked with him before the legend died.
Emma Gonzalez is the name of one of the Parkland Shooting survivors. The teenage girl has become the voice for stricter gun control. And Kanye West posted twice on his twitter describing how Emma is his hero.james shaw jr
James Shaw Jr is the name of the man who reduced the casualty as a man gunned down civilizations. During the incident, Shaw knocked the gun from the attacker to effectively reduce the death toll. Emma responded to Kanye West’s Twit with her own. She called James Shaw Jr her hero.
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