Jobs That Won’t be Around in the Future

Living a jobless life is something that many people don’t want to think about. However, there are certain jobs that will not be around in the near future. This is because, with technology, everything is being automated.

A lot of professions now utilise computers or hi-tech devices to make their work easier. With the look of things, it seems as if hi-tech devices will take over many people’s jobs in the near future.

Meanwhile, we applaud the invention of online casino gambling. If we were going to keep on relying on the land-based casinos, then there was going to be limited gambling. But the online casinos like Yebo Casino covered that gap. That’s good news to players and land-based casino workers can join the crew or also play online casino games. That is if they lose their jobs, which is very likely to happen very soon if they do not up to their skills. Let’s walk you through some of the jobs that will no longer be available in the future.

a self driving driving car
the car of the future


Self-driving cars might be a blessing but they are a curse to some individuals.  Drivers are likely to become jobless in the near future.  Uber and Volvo agreed on a deal that will see them dispatching self-driving cars. One can notice that the wheels of progress are now already in motion.

Books Printers and Publishers

Technology is bringing in a paperless world whereby content is being published online. This will eventually lead to printers and publishers becoming irrelevant in the global world. People are now making use of the internet to look for books they want. E-books are on the rise and we are likely to witness printers and publisher going out of the job very soon.

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