Inventions That Vanished for Lame Reasons

The world contains quite a number of wonderful inventions.  Some of them have managed to change the world while others have disappeared into thin air. It’s a wonderful thing that the invention of casinos did not vanish as well because we wouldn’t be here right now.

However, this article is going to give you a glimpse into some of the inventions that vanished because of some lame reasons. There are many times that an individual will come up with a brilliant idea. But somewhere along the line, something will distract the implementation of the idea.

Inventions of Laser Discs

Laser disc
Laser Disc one of the unique inventions

The laserdisc was one of the most applaudable inventions of all time. It was ready to be part of the medium that people use to watch movies. The disc was unique in a sense that it did not contain any scratches unlike cassettes and VHS tapes. However, the uniqueness of the disc comes with a heavy price tag on it. The marvellous disc failed dismally to be part of the media because it was priced at $800.


This was the greatest invention that should have made its mark in the gaming industry. The invention came way before Nintendo. Look where Nintendo is now, imagine if Intellivision managed to have proper ergonomic controllers it would have done wonders.

Moreover, the device contained an amazing 1456 Byte of RAM, a 2 Megahertz processor and a 16-bit graphics. This invention was going to blow the world apart. Imagine playing online casino games on a device like the Intellivision. But small things that could have been sorted led it to go down the drain.

Pay by Touch

Pay by touch was one of the greatest inventions that would have made the world a better place when it comes to shopping. Imaging not carrying your ATM card rather your finger and your pin number, interesting isn’t it.

Unfortunately, the bio-metric device couldn’t map its way into the market because of the owner’s misbehaviour. The CEO of the company that crafted the Pay By Touch device came under siege for alleged domestic abuse, drug abuse and sexual harassment. That led to the decline of the company until now no one has managed to resuscitate the idea.