Explaining The Insurance Bet in Blackjack

The insurance bet on blackjack is quite popular in many casinos but it is not well understood by many casino punters. Not everyone who plays blackjack believes the insurance bet will help reduce losing money. However, some casino players see it as an option in the game. The bet is believed to be a good move during the play. If you are card counting and be able to predict the outcome the insurance bet can serve a good purpose.

What is the Insurance Bet?

insurence betMany casino players are being misled by the word insurance; there is a belief that the bet has nothing to do with the hand of blackjack of which that is not the case. However, the insurance is a side bet that is given to you when the dealer’s face card is an ace.

In the event that the above-mentioned has happened the dealer will ask the players if they want to buy insurance. On other hands, players are not accommodated to make an insurance bet.

If you opt to make an insurance bet you are supposed to wage half your original bet. The casino will payout 2:1 on the bet reducing the players loses during the game. However, when opting for the insurance bet a player must be aware of the consequences.

How it Works

In a live casino, the dealer will declare the option on the table, whilst online the button will appear on the screen. If the dealer gets a 10 making his hand a blackjack, the player wins R20 for every R10 placed on the insurance bet.  In the event that the dealer does not get a blackjack, the insurance bet is lost and play continues normally. When using the insurance bet you must put at least half of your original bet. For an example, if your original bet was R200 you must put R100 on the insurance bet.

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