Human Rights Day

mandela human rights quoteYebo Casino agrees with the indivisibility of Human Rights as they are outlined in the United Nations charter. An oversimplified explanation is that everyone should be free to exist on this planet the way they want to.

However, there are requirements for this existence. Basically, you are not supposed to get in someone else’s way to do the same. In the Not so odd event that the people do not agree, custodians of the law help shade more light.

In South Africa, Human Rights day is celebrated on the 21st of March. This is in memory of the Sharpeville massacre of 1960. 69 people died when the police shot at Pass Law protestors on the day.

The rest of the world celebrates Human Rights Day on 10 December. This is in honour of the day when the world adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Why it is Important to Respect Others Rights

Well, besides avoiding getting in trouble when someone decides to complain about how you treated them. It is just the cool thing to do.

#MeToo is just the latest expression of this phenomenon. Previous manifestations have been the end of colonisation and apartheid.

Be an Early Adopter

While a lot of the time it is the early adopters that pay more for a product this is not necessarily the case in social trends. People that are early to catch on and change their behaviour quickly enough are often spared the shame of being the sacrificial lamb. As society finally fully accepts that times have changed they have to “force” everyone else to conform to the new changes. This naturally requires a few public examples to get the smaller offenders to stop.

The biggest reason to move with the latest social, economic, fashion, gaming and what-ever-else trends is that the past is gone. And the future, well, that is why we play real casino games because the future is only a dice roll, slot spin, spin of a roulette wheel or hand away.

There are no guarantees in the future, even of its own existence or even your own existence in it. So be the best person you can be now. Yebo Casino, Says!