How to Compliment Someone without Being a Crip

Social etiquette is one of the key tools to survival. As the world embraces new ideas on human equality and dignity it has become a more important subject. Unfortunately for many people that are old enough to be playing real slots at Yebo Casino this something that was never a serious topic at school.

As the top online casino in South Africa, we felt it necessary to educate online gamblers on the key matter. With all the sexual harassment issues that are rocking the world one would be right to be concerned about how to compliment someone without being a crip.

Below we have found some old, tried and tested tips for complimenting someone. These tips will help you get the message across while avoiding being labelled a sexual predator. And even worse a racist.

Tips on Complimentingsilhoutete of man giving flowers to a woman

  1. It is not a Joke. This is one of the worst ways to compliment although it is used so often. An American teen ended up appearing racist after sending a photo of himself holding a card written, “ if I was black I would be picking cotton but, I’m white so I’m picking you for prom”.

It is very normal to attempt and hide being nervous by trying to be funny. Just let your compliment be a solid compliment so that someone is not left thinking whether you were joking or not.

  1. Don’t say to much. “Nice dress” or “I think you have a really good fashion sense” is good enough. By going into too much detail like “you have a beautiful beard” is easily taken for objectification. While by talking too much you might end up insulting the receiver of the compliment, especially if you have just met.
  2. Try Compliment Non-Physical attributes. If joking is the worst then complimenting on other things other than the physical appearance is a best practice. Try talking about how funny or creative the person is.

Remember that the point of complimenting someone is for them to feel good. Therefore it is essential that you keep it fun. It makes no sense to compliment someone grudgingly.