Holiday Mascots

Holiday Mascots are the characters that we have come to associate with certain Holidays. Some mascots make a lot of sense but there is also a large number of mascots that are only supposed to be believable to the young at heart.

The Most Common Holiday Mascots

There are several Holidays and therefore several Mascots. As new holidays keep on being added to the calendar the list of Mascots will only increase. However, there are some common mascots that we should quickly pay tribute to.popular holiday mascots

Father Christmas

This is one of the most popular mascots in the world. There are several names for the character who is associated with Christmas. Spreading Christmas cheer and bringing presents to children who have been good all year round is what he is known for. The Character is gaining more popularity than baby Jesus who made the day popular.

The Easter Bunny

Easter is another holiday that we owe to Christianity. But as they brought the pagan holidays and Church celebrations into harmony a couple of oddly placed holiday mascots appear.

The Bunny is one of the Mascots that was adopted from the pagan world. It is a symbol of the fertility presented in spring together with the Easter eggs.


This is one Mascot who is very popular but the day celebrated is not a public holiday. Love is encouraged on St Valentine’s Day by love-inducing arrows from Cupid. How the arrow shooting god of love got to be associated with a celebration of the life of a Christian Priest who was martyred for promoting love is easy to see.

The Holiday Mascots’ Posse

The Holiday Mascots usually have sidekicks. These are characters that help complete a particular part of the story. Such characters include Rudolf the Reindeer who has become such a big part of the urban culture that there are real casino slots based on the character.

The Rest

Most of the popular holidays in South Africa have Christian Saints for Mascots. This list includes the popular St Patrick’s day celebrated by the Irish. But there is a bunch of holidays including Heritage Day which still needs mascots.

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