High Rollers, Low Rollers and Bankroll Management

sceen from james bond casino royale movie The terms High Roller, Low Roller and Bankroll management are not new to most real money gamblers in Mzansi. This is because they are commonly used to describe the style of play of a gambler. However there is a small level of confusion into what makes one different from the other. Or even what makes the terms seem the same, causing the confusion in the first place.


It has always proven that the best place to start on when on such a quest is with the definitions. Each quest has its own starting point, a quest to win real money on a mobile slot starts with placing a real money bet, or does it?

High Roller: this is taken to mean someone who brings a lot of money to the table. The value of the money differs from one casino to another. Also Known as a High Stakes Player.

Low Roller: the low roller is defined in most literature as a person who is a regular at the casino but spends only small amount of money on each gambling Session.

Bankroll Management: this is the act of strategically deciding how much to spend on each bet based on your current bankroll. Bankroll is the money that a player has dedicated to real money gambling.

The Same thing but a little different

High Rollers and Low Rollers are basically the same species. They both spend enough money at the casino to become known at the casino. The High roller will get VIP status faster while the low roller will take time to accumulate loyalty points until they become a VIP.

Being a high roller or a low roller has no bearing on bankroll management skills. A person who brings R1,000 to the casino and one who brings R100,000 are the same if they manage to lose it all in a few bets. Their bankroll management sucks.

Good bankroll management does not regard how deep the punters pockets are. In essence, good bankroll management is the key to spending enough time at the casino to maximize on the lucky streaks when they come.

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