How to Help the Needy this Christmas

It is almost Christmas time! Aaaah what a delightful time of the year! This is the time of the year when families come together sharing cheers and gifts. Imagine, the lights, the decoration, and

the presents under a huge Christmas tree above all not forgetting the food. This is the time were most families and friends enjoy a huge feast and celebration.

Christmas a time of giving
Giving and sharing on Christmas


However, to some people this festive season is like Durban July, unfortunately, we cannot share the same sentiment with millions of poverty-stricken South Africans. To the latter, it’s just another day without food, shelter and clothing.

Furthermore, as people of one nation, there are certain ways we can implement to make sure the needy have a Merry Christmas. The little you have can contribute massively. Adding to that there are certain measures you can take to make sure you help the needy this festive season.

Can we make the Needy happy at Christmas?

The only way to make sure that the needy have the best Christmas is to provide them with the required and necessary necessities. Don’t try to be superman by doing it on your own. Engaging every one of us is actually the right way to go. Unite as a community, and as a country at large to make sure you provide the needy. This will allow them to participate and celebrate the festive just like everyone else.

Provide Christmas Dinner

Since the festive season is all about feasting and enjoying delicious meals with families and friends. You can take this opportunity to provide and serve a Christmas dinner to the people in need as well. You can do this by coming together with organisations for a good cause. Spending time with them will make your festive season more valuable. Above all, you will be grateful with the little that you have. This because you will realise that your personal problems are nothing critical compared to the homeless and many other vulnerable individuals. Both young and old.