The Hard Choice-Capetown Bierfest or Soweto Marathon

If only all things in life were as convenient as playing real money online casino games at Yebo casino, but unfortunately they are not. You would have had to pull a magic act in order to be at both the Capetown Beerfest and the Soweto Marathon. And there is no denying that both were truly spectacular events to attend.

The Soweto Marathon and the Capetown Beerfest both took place in the first weekend of November. This is what made it difficult be at both events. Difficult but not impossible!

Technology is not only useful in bringing casino games to your mobile device. Technology might have been able to get you safely to both events in under an hour but what about that hang-over. And the marathon comes after the Beerfest since the Old Mutual sponsored marathon is traditionally held on Sunday.

Even seasoned athletes would have a hard time competing in back to back competitions, especially of such magnitude.

Bierfest Capetown

The celebration of beer ran on the 3rd and 4th of November 2017. Bierfest Capetown is a South African brewery sponsored event. Participants experienced the best Bavarian beers and culture.

man carrying beers in mugs

The best way to enjoy the festival is to have a table of between 6 to 12 people. This allows you to get the best experience of the event. And it is the best way you to get top service from the Bavarian barmaid/waitresses.

Soweto Marathon

Sponsored by Old Mutual and hosted by the city of Johannesburg, this marathon is one of the most talked about running events of each year in South Africa. Runners can compete in three events, the 10km, 21km and 42km races. All races were run on the 5th of November. The races started and ended at the FNB stadium.soweto marathon logo

The marathon attracted many professional athletes. Therefore at least there was some real money betting on the event, unlike the Bierfest. In which most participants would have bet on themselves.

Whatever your choice, and a hard one it was especially for beer-loving runners, Yebo Casino hopes you had a great time.