Happy International Cat Day

The “mews” has it that today it’s International Cat Day.  This is the day we expect our furred friends to screech a lot like they own the whole world. They do surely own a certain piece of the land. The number of wild cats alone is estimated at around 100 million. Surely numbers don’t lie our pampered friend are scattered all over the world.

cat familyThe International Cat Day started way back in 2002. The day was formed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  Ecology Global Network reported that there are an estimated 600 million small cats in the world.  This clearly shows that the cat family is absolutely huge and surely the numbers won’t stop escalating

How to Celebrate International Cat Day

Most people in the world have a huge and unquestionable affection when it comes to cats. This day is not only special to cats alone but also to the people who have undivided devotion for their pets.  You can celebrate this special day by visiting the cat café and see the cutest, funniest and ugliest cat families.  Donation of pet food to the scattered cats around the world is also an admirable gesture. Social media has been buzzing with people celebrating the day by posting funny pictures, videos, and memes of this wonderful creature.

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