Yebo Casino Celebrates 20 Years of Google

Yebo casino celebrates 20 years of Google being a wonderful innovative platform that has changed the world remarkably.

The start-up was something that many people didn’t believe it was going to prosper. But through determination and passion, they managed to defy the odds. Now we can see that odds cannot only be defied in playing online casino but in real life too.

Above all, September 27, 1997, marked the beginning of a wonderful journey. Ever since then, a lot has changed within the company. The web search has enabled everyone to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, many online casinos are in existence because of this wonderful innovation.

Google Doodles

Google as a worldwide company has managed to cater for everyone around the globe in commemorating historical days. They have managed to engage the global community by creating wonderful doodles.

Google celebrate 20 Years
20th Anniversary Google Doodle

In Mzansi we have important days like Mandela Day and Google appreciate what the iconic leader did for the people of South and the world at large. There are so many doodles that the firm has managed to craft that include their own 20th  Anniversary.

Google A Source of Information

Imagine gamblers playing online casino games without going through a single game review? But the platform managed to close that gap. Any kind of information that one might need is all available on this amazing platform including all online casino game reviews.  And many content creators have managed to offer the world different content in line with what they are looking for.

An idea that was put into action 20 years ago has finally made the world a better place for everyone. From everyone at Yebo, we congratulate Google on a remarkable journey which also mapped the way to South Africa’s number one online casino, Yebo Casino.