Everything you need to know about the Golden Globes 2019 Awards

From the fashion killers, the tears of joy and the winners of the night. The Golden Globes awards 2019 were a joy to watch and worth remembering.  Last year’s ceremony witnessed many attendances rocking all-black dress code symbolising the solidarity of Time’s Up movement. But this year it was a different story.

This time around fashion was not the main attraction of the Golden Globes awards ceremony. But the likes of Emma Stone and Julia Roberts opted to create a new fashion trend. The two personnel opted for blush and neutral shades. And their dressing rocked the red carpet with paparazzi flash their cameras on them.

We might go on and on talking about the dressing, but the main core of the night was the awards night. You might be asking yourself who wins what don’t worry such questions will be answered as you continue reading this article.

Golden Globes Awards
Golden Globes Awards 2019

Who Were the Winners at Golden Globes Awards 2019?

Most of us were anticipating that the Blockbuster movie Black Panther will be the main centre of the award ceremony. Clearly, that was not even the case. But the Wakanda stars stole the limelight when they presented the Wakanda Salute to the audiences.

However, the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman and Glenn Close were nominated for the Actress in a Motion Pictures in Drama. Therefore the award goes to Glenn Close for the movie The wife.

Furthermore amongst the best performing actors in supporting role in motion pictures. The winner Mahershala Ali, Green Book narrowly won it after leapfrogging Timothee Chalamet of the movie Beautiful Boy and Adam Driver of BlacKkKlansman.

In addition, the icon Spiderman was amongst the nominees who managed to walk away with the grand prize. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse was the winner of the Animated movies category getting the better of the Incredible 2 and Isle of Dogs.

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