What Type of a Gaming Geek Are You?

What Type of a Gaming Geek Are You?

Not only online gambling is booming in the gaming industry but eSport gaming and reality games are also making their mark in the gaming landscape. It is now very interesting that we now have numerous gaming geek in Mzansi and the world over. Some prefer to play for real money at Yebo Online Casino whilst others enjoy Playstation or Xbox games.

But amongst the categories, we have mentioned above what type of a gaming geek are you? Well, we are likely to make a wild guess on this one. We have lined up a field guide and if you are into gaming you are likely to recognise where exactly you belong.

Gaming Geek

Real Gaming Geek

The Alpha Gamer

If you are into gaming and you like to be in control of all the strategizing then you are definitely the Alpha Gamer. These types of gaming geek they usually think that they know all the winning moves on a particular game. To be very fair enough these type of players practice a lot, well practice makes perfect, isn’t it? So they are indeed perfect and they are worth listening to.

The Competitive Gamer

These type of gamers don’t take anything for granted when they are playing their games. To them, gaming is not only about fun. But they believe that the fun comes when you win. Therefore competitive gamers to them gaming is all about winning. They are a joy to play with because they don’t give up so easily. When they lose they ask for another round until they get the better of you.

The Jolly Gamer

Jolly Gamers are no different from online casino players who enjoy playing online free games. They are only there to play games and be social interaction as well. Even though they don’t care much about winning or losing they bring excitement because they will not be worked. A win or a loss to them it’s just nothing serious.


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