Gambling Tip of the Month March

Bank Roll Management in 2018

There are a lot of real tips that improve the gameplay of casino gamblers. The number of tips for online gambling is actually more than for land-based gambling. Although the myths at land-based casinos are significantly more.

The reality is that all these real money strategies are not very useful when they are not founded on good bankroll management. This is because money management is literary right in the centre of real “money” gambling.

Before we start class on smart gambling it is best if we define what a bankroll is. The Bankroll is essentially money that you have set aside for real money gambling. This is different from your net worth. The bankroll is money that will only affect your ego and not your day to day living if lose it all. Remember that real casino gaming is for fun first.


This is not a word that many people associate with real money gambling. The reason for this is movies which portray experienced gamblers as flamboyant and reckless people. Reality is far from the James Bond movies.

All gamblers who have managed to keep playing for years know how to “pace” their real gaming. This is a process of distributing your bankroll throughout your gambling session. For example, when you have a bankroll of R1,500 it is wiser to play bets R15 bets than to place R150 wagers. This reduces the risk faced per bet. The general rule of thumb is to risk 1% of your bankroll on each bet.

Follow the Trends

This comes very naturally to most of the real money online casino game players from all over Africa. But consciously doing it gives you a psychological edge that might be the difference between a winning session and a losing session.

When you are winning, this is the time to increase your bet. Try to take advantage of the winning streak while it lasts. And when the losing streak starts, reduce your bets accordingly. Both actions have to be taken with bankroll management at the back of your mind. This includes setting targets for amounts of money you want to win, and are willing to lose before you end a gambling session.

Remember Your Money

We know that we implied that you should forget about the money you set aside for real money gambling. This is true but part of the fun is in winning real money. When you have won a predetermined amount remember to cash out and enjoy the fruits of your pleasure.

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