Gambling Movies: Focus vs. Molly’s

Gambler’s are not an unusual bunch of people. We like things that everyone else like. Movies are one of the top forms of entertainment. Even though they are hundreds of years younger than real money gambling, movies have made a huge impact on the casino industry.

Movies and Gambling

There are several movies in which gambling is depicted. From spy movies to romantic comedies and everything else, there is a reference to gambling. As one of the oldest and most loved hobbies, it is only natural that betting should inspire movies.
But then the movie industry is growing rapidly. The top cinematic productions are now inspiring video slots. However, there a very few gambling related movies that have made it to casino gaming platforms.

Molly’s Game or Focus

Lately, there have been a lot of gambling-related movies. Two of the top movies are Focus and Molly’s Game. Both these flicks have received wide acclaim on the international film scene. Yebo Casino is going to try to show you which is the better movie.
Molly’s Game is based on the real-life story of Molly Bloom. The story is captivating and the fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more fascinating. The directing and acting in the movie is of the highest quality. This is a really good feel good movie.
Focus is about a conman, who is played by Will Smith. While the fact that the Megastar is in the movie should be a guarantee that the movie is of the highest quality this is not the case. Will has had a couple of really horrible movies.
Luckily this is not one of them. The movie has to be one of the best gambling movies of our time. This is because the story is great and the fact that you will be captivated up until the last scene in the movie.

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