SI’s Swimwear latest Edition is Fighting objectification in a Unique Way

Amid the outcries against the objectification of women, it is a hard thing to keep a well-loved tradition that Ebonee Davis SI In her own words spread celebrates the female form. Even there are a lot of ‘bad’ men, there are also some good men, who actually make up the majority.

Sports Illustrated is one of the publications that makes it a point to honour the goddesses of beauty. But nudity is one of the things that are being blamed for causing men to treat women like sex objects.

Very Dark Cloud

The SI editorial team decided to fight the very dark cloud that is hovering over society with one of their most empowering spreads yet. Rightly titled “In Her Own Words” the project literary allowed the models to use their bodies as a canvas to speak the world.Kate Wasley SI In her own words spread

There have been a lot of high profile figures on the cover of the magazine, ladies who have always spoken even for other people, who did not get such an opportunity. For the ladies who grace the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear edition 2018 they got a chance to speak directly to the millions of mind of millions who will look at their bodies. Regardless of whether they are among the “bad” guys or not.

Beyond the Looks

The way we look is not supposed to define who we are. Not anymore at least. This has not been the case over the Aly Raisman SI In her own words spreadcenturies. A lot of work has already been done by society in an effort to correct these wrongs. But the centuries of what had become culture will definitely take longer to destroy than the lifespan of a hashtag movement.

Some of the more senior models speak of a time when it was considered normal to hear that one of their peers had been raped. The time has finally arrived for all people to start respecting and treating each other with dignity. It is a time that whatever action taken to raise awareness should be applauded. Sports Illustrated is duly saluted for supporting the #MeToo movement. All Pics courtesy of Sports Illustrated