Father Mistakenly Kills Son

father weeps for son he killedTragedy struck as a father mistakenly shot his teenage son outside his Ennerdale School in Johannesburg on Tuesday night police confirmed. And to make matters worse the Soweto police spokesperson Captain Mpande Khoza reviewed that the father of the fourteen-year-old boy was charged with murder after he shot his son.

According to the investigations, Khoza said that the man took his son for evening classes. The father apparently fell asleep in the car waiting for his son on the side of the road. When the son later came back and he knocked on the passenger window. The sleeping father panicked and he pulled the trigger and mistakenly killing his boy.

The Official Story

‘’The father dropped the boy and locked his vehicle. As he waited for the boy who had gone inside he fell asleep. The boy later came back and knocked on the passenger window of his father’s vehicle.murded son

The father who was sleeping in the car with the safety pin to his firearm on was startled by the knocking and shot towards the direction of the person who was knocking”, said Captain Khoza.

The father later realised that he had shot his son. Apparently, the boy died on his way to the hospital. The police gathered information and took a statement that night and allowed the man to go home. The father was afterwards arrested on Wednesday morning.

It is not always that you get the chance to fire a warning shot, but sometimes the cost of not doing so is too high. Yebo Casino Mourns with the family during this tragic time.

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