How to Spot Fake News on the Internet

The internet has made the world to become a global village. For that reason, a lot of opportunities have emerged. Everyone with a smart device is now capable of sharing stories that are happening in their surroundings. However, this has led birth to a lot of fake news on the internet. Fake news has tainted many people’s reputations and for that reason and many others, we are going to give you tips on how best you can recognise fake news.

It is very important for online casino players to know the qualities of fake news and real news. So that they won’t be misled with wrong information on the online casino games they want to play. On that note, we going to give you tips on how not to be misled by false information.

Fake News
Beware of Fake News

Check the Source of the News

The world is now flooded with a lot of writers. However for you to spot fake updates recognise if the information is real and make sure you double check the source. Find out more information about the publisher and see if it is an agency or someone’s personal blog.

Moreover, you can also check the URL of the site. If the URL does not have a “” or “.com” that site might not be taken seriously. Fake sites have strange URLs like “.infonet” or “.offer”

Observe the Evidence

Credible content will contain a lot of facts and evidence. Evidence will be provided through quotes, data capturing and statistics. If the news doesn’t contain the aforesaid then there is no reason whatsoever to trust the source.

Have a Closer Look on the Images

Image editing software has made it easy for people to create fake and photoshopped images for their fake sites. However, there some cautious signals you can look for. Some fake images have a strange shadow on them. Moreover, you can use Google Reverse Image Search to double check if the image has been altered or had a text added which is not related to it.