Unknown Facts about October Babies

October is popularly known as the month of Halloween. But that does not hinder the fact that those born this month are special. October babies are very special beyond recognition. Oh before we forget, these babies are born athletes, you know what it means right? It means they can also play online casino games and win real money in real time.

October baby
October Baby Celebrating Halloween Day

The reason why they end up being an athlete is that they are physically fit. They have stronger bones and well build muscles. And to top it all up they are really mentally strong. Moreover, some of the special features they carry will be mentioned in this article.

More Presidents Were Born In October

You might have overlooked the fact that babies born in October are purely special. You no longer have to doubt that anymore. Many well-known presidents and politicians were born in the month of October the likes of Roosevelt. Even our very own Oliver Tambo are amongst the special people born in the month of the Jacaranda.

They Live Up To 100 Years Old

The reason why these babies live longer up to this age is that they are born in a month which does not contain a lot of infections. This means that they are not exposed to seasonal infections; this will make them grow up with strong body tissues. Unlike other babies, October babies are not affected by any seasonal infections. So from Yebo Casino to all October babies, enjoy the many more years of good health ahead.

Not Born On Halloween’s Day

According to statistics fewer women go into labour on Halloween day. This is because the day is actually frightening and the mothers prefer giving birth the following day. You know sometimes the mind plays tricks on us. That is what will be actually happening with mothers who give birth in this particular month.

They prefer gambling for real money than to gamble with their babies’ life on Halloween’s day.