Enchanted Garden Slots Review

Enchanted Garden Slots Review

With Enchanted Garden, we see RTG, the world-renowned slot manufacturer, at its best. Released in 2006, since then it hasn?t failed to attract many and numerous a gambler throughout the globe. Now, my friend, it really is your turn to try your hand at the mysterious adventures in a magical forest. It seems, though, that the sole inhabitants of that spot are only snow-white unicorns, dazzlingly beautiful women with green hair, diamonds and butterflies flying to and fro. The rest is taken up by soulless numbers and glittering letters. Should you like that peculiar RTG style, continue reading the assessment.



Main_800x600The slot is traditional in terms of its operating scheme. It characteristics 5 reels and


 twenty paylines. The most promising part comes using the description of a jackpot ? in fact, the whole bunch of jackpots. You may have a possibility of winning a progressive prize, a random ordinary very first prize and the second prize of two,500 dollars. The coin denominations are $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, and $5.00. Thoughts you, to win significant, you?ll need to bet max. The largest number of coins you can bet is 400. The winners are 25 in total. Wild symbols possess the power to multiply your winnings twice, plus the scatters are also in the game, introducing you to seven absolutely free spins, which number is very disappointing for such a seemingly reputable slot. Auto spinning is of course provided.

All in all, the slot is worth playing mainly because in the flexible jackpot system ? it virtually only advantage. What about the rest? The rest can tear your wallet apart, so beware in the risks, agreed?

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