Easter: What You Did Not Know

Fabrege easter eggsEaster is one of Yebo Casino’s Favourite holidays. This has a nothing to do with the bunny or the religious connotations which are both great. Easter guarantees a good long weekend that is only interrupted by the Saturday workday. But you need to be ok with taking breaks from everything including the awesome games at Yebo Casino.

 Things You didn’t Know about Easter

  1. Easter is celebrated on different days by Eastern and Western Christians. The reason is that Eastern Christians use the Julian calendar while Western Christians use the lunar calendar to find the date to celebrate event each year.
  2. There is only one other holiday that beats Easter in terms of candy sales, Halloween. Candy makers owe this to the Easter Bunny and the Easter eggs. The tradition that dates back more than 200 years and everyone from the Whitehouse to Buckingham Palace participate Easter Egg Hunts.
  3. The white Lily is the official Easter flower. This flower is taken as a symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (which is celebrated on Easter Sunday).
  4. Easter got its name from the hare and the egg. The goddess who represents the hare and the egg is named Eastre. Despite the Christian background of the day a lot of the things relating to the day have very little to with the “The Messiah’s” sacrifice. Many Orthodox Christians are not shy to call the traditions pagan.
  5. Dyeing of chicks during Easter might be something that you have never seen in your lifetime. This is because as the 20th century came to a close the dyeing of animals was greatly frowned upon. Now it is clear that the dye does not affect the chicks since they lose the dye when the Fluff becomes feathers. This means we might see a resurgence of the practice.

To end this post, we are going to remind you of an Easter fact that will remain true for a long time. Yebo Casino is the best place to play online casino games on Easter and every other day.  Enjoy the Easter Holidays