Dying in the 21st Century

While we know that we are all going to die sometime we all do not want it to be soon. There are many reasons why people fear death. One of them happens to be the same reason we also love playing real money casino games, fear of the unknown. That uncertainty about the future has the ability to provide the thrills necessary to make real money gambling entertaining. It also has the ability to paralyse us with fear as we try to imagine this personal journey that very few have documented.  Even worse is the fear of what will happen to our loved ones who we live behind.

The Best And Worst Ways to Die

There are a lot of lists of what they call they “best” and the “worst” ways to die. But Yebo  Casino thinks it is all crazy talk. There is no way that is good to say goodbye to this world. Scientist use many tools to try and debunk mysteries of death but up to now, there are only have verge ideas.

enjoy life now Some people believe that the faster you die the better. And this is easily acceptable as the person will not have not have a lot of time to think about the death. It is commonly accepted that the fear of death is actually worse than death itself. This means the moments spent thinking about death are worse than the actual dying.

The result is that dying through Crucification and the Brazen Bull rank top among the worst ways to die in history. As each breath becomes more difficult you are hit by the realization that you will never breathe comfortably again.

Dying in the 21st Century

While these barbaric ways of ending someone’s life are now generally frowned upon the human body still remains very fragile. We are now exposed to a lot of dangers in our everyday lives. Usually, nature is subtle as it eliminates us from existence. But sometimes it chooses to be spectacular about it.

Whichever it is, we hope that you would have lived a full life. This is more important than how we end it.