Cool Online Casinos Facts

When we get to an online casino, all that we want to do is to play games. However, today we thought we would look at a few cool online casinos facts that you most probably did not know. Read on and prove us wrong, that is if you knew them.

Online Casino Fun FactsPicture talking about the 6 cool online casinos facts

Counting Cards: Online casino fans have most probably watched the movie 21. 21 is about MIT students who trained to count cards and got into trouble for it. The fun fact is that the counting cards is perfectly legal and there is no law against it. Though we are sure that it would be very hard to count cards at an online casino, hey, it’s still worth a try.

Ban Yourself: It might seem like its impossible, but you can actually ban yourself from a casino. This measure was set-up to help those with gambling problems. What happens is that you literally ask the casino to stop you from entering when you get there or deny you access of you playing online.

Online Casino Lotteries: Other than the common online casino games, there are also online casino lotteries. The amazing part is that most people don’t know about them. The mindblowing part about all this is that 55% of the entire world population take part in one of lottery or another.

Play for Free: While most people dream of winning real money when playing at online casinos, others don’t. That is why many of the online casinos have incorporated the play for free or the demo version. For all those who would rather play for fun and not for real money. All for the love of the game we presume.

Card Hands: As well all know, playing card games online is no different from playing them physically. Here comes the fun fact,  a single deck of cards can form up to 2,598,960 card hands. That’s a lot of card hands. Good luck to those who want to be counting cards online.

Progressive Jackpot Games: are best played using the ZAR. Because the South African Rand is rated lower than other major currencies, the player playing in Rands benefits from the pot rising faster due to players using stronger currencies.

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