Conor McGregor Faces Suspension after Defeat

Conor McGregor faces a medical suspension after suffering a heavy defeat against the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. The bold Irishman submitted to defeat in the fourth round. The submission meant that Conor failed to overcome the wrath of the Russian to claim the Lightweight Title.

It’s not  surprising to many people why Conor McGregor suffered such a heavy and brutal defeat. His opponent’s statistics clearly showed that the Irishman had no chance what so ever. The only place he can get winning chances is the online casino where he can win real money in real time.

Why Conor McGregor Was Suspended on Medical grounds

In most cases, UFC fighters face suspension after undergoing a medical examination by their trainee or doctor. In the case of Conor, the length of his suspension was determined by his doctor after he suffered some severe injuries.

Conor McGregor defeated
Conor McGregor after Defeat

The reason why fighters are suspended it’s because of precaution measures that must take place. This is the only way the fighters can recover to their full strength and potential. This is because UFC has been labelled a dangerous game that requires fighters to practise precaution.

However, other UFC pundits’ highlighted that Conor McGregor’s suspension is pointless. This came after they realised that the former was not going to participate in the UFC again for a month. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission of seemed to suspend Conor on the basis that he attacked Khabib Nurmagomedov’s trainee.

Above all, it is quite understandable why Conor McGregor has been suspended. He looked so exhausted after he suffered a choke hold from the Russian. We all hope that McGregor will get back to his full strength and potential to start competing again. As of now, it’s time for him to rest and restructure, and if he is capable he can also play online casino games and win some extra real money without hurting his body.


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