Common Reasons an Online Casino Would Block Your Account

Playing online casino games is a tonne of fun, but occasionally players can be unlucky and roll their way into a bad situation. If you did not already know, gambling sites could block your account, causing you to surrender your bankroll, if you are found doing something that is against their terms and conditions.

While there are many reasons why this may happen, we have created a list of the common ones. Continue reading and get yourself ahead of the game –and hopefully stop yourself from making one of the silly mistakes that we write about below.

Before we get started, we want to put it out there that if something does happen to your account, we recommend taking a moment to cool down and then contact the online casino’s customer support team in an attempt at calmly finding a solution.

Remember, acting aggressively or confronting towards any member of a casino’s support team will get you nowhere; in fact, it will probably result in a negative result more often than not.

Login Attempt Fails

If you have used an incorrect or misspelled username or password repeatedly, online casinos typically will block the account until the user has been verified again.  

For obvious reasons, when this happens, the casino cannot be sure that it is the account holder who is trying to login. This problem can be easily fixed by contacting the customer support team. 

In most scenarios, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your account and the details that are required.

Opening Multiple Accounts

We see this problem time and time again across online forums. A player has tried to create more than one account in their name – usually to take advantage of a deposit bonus or free chip. 

These issues are spotted all the time when players make a withdrawal request. However, also know that these issues can arise too when more than one person who has access to ‘your’ pc is also a member of the casino, alerts trigger with the casino when the same IP address is accessing multiple accounts.

Failing to Provide Verification Documents

It is a requirement that online casinos players verify their identity. This verification will enable players to request withdrawals of their winnings. However, if a player has failed to provide the correct documentation, then the player’s withdrawal request is denied, and the account will likely be placed on suspension.

If a player has forwarded documentation, but they do not meet the casino’s requirements, the account may be blocked until the correct documents are received.

This is not the end of the world though, resubmit the documents together with any further information required and your account will be unblocked.

Violating the Terms and Conditions

All online casinos have a range of terms and conditions which must be strictly adhered to. Failing to do so is a violation and will result in your account being blocked. 

In some circumstances, the account may never be unblocked, or your IP being tracked to stop the player from playing at the online casino again ever again. 

To avoid this, be sure that you read and understand all terms and conditions at the online casino.

Incorrect Information Provided

Players that attempt to provide false information about their identity are usually always busted in the end. So, if you decide to provide fake documents or try to ‘hide’ your true identity, the security checks and audits that online casinos undertake will always spot incorrect documentation.

Underage Gambling

One of the most simple rules around using online casinos, but increasingly common as a reason for blocking a player’s account.

While the minimum legal age around the world varies, for South Africans you have to be 18  years or older, whereas in some places it is 21.

If you are caught trying to play at an online casino under the age of 18 (or 21 depending on where you live), your account will be blocked, and your cash will be long gone.

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