Benefits of a Cold Shower in Winter

A cold shower in winter is beneficial to the body.  A lot of people don’t want to feel a droplet of cold water during winter on their skins. During winter time in South Africa, temperatures decrease as low as 8-11 degrees and many people want to keep warm. However, a cold shower in winter won’t hurt you. Actually, a cold shower in winter has some benefits.

Taking a cold shower in winter is called cryotherapy, it is common among professional athletes, but anyone else can do it? Here are some of the reasons why cold water is good during winter:

wolverine is "cold Bath"

Increases Alertness

Cuddling in bed during winter is actually not so good especially when you have errands to do and you have masters to serve. Taking a cold shower will help if you are to do the aforesaid duties effectively.  A cold shower will help you take in a lot of oxygen this because you will be breathing in a lot to keep yourself warm.  This will help you to be alert during the day

Good for the Skin

In winter is when a lot of people have dry skins. Bathing with hot water will trigger the process even more. If you are someone who always priorities the smoothness of their skin you should be aware of this fact.  Bathing with cold shower will seal the pores and also tighten the cuticles on your skin this will make your skin smooth.

Relieve of Stress

When you jump into a pool with cold water and spend some time in there you will actually feel good mentally and physically.  Many studies have shown that cold water or a cold shower will help your body decrease uric acid.

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