Cleopatra’s Gold Slot Review

Cleopatra’s Gold is one of several games of the 5 reel genre that is known to have a progressive jackpot. That is a jackpot that increases with every spin. This creates an ever increasing chance to get the million rand payout. That is sizable cash for any experienced player let alone the new players that only want to risk a few coins. At Yebo Casino it only takes a few coins for a try at good luck.


Cleopatra's Gold
Cleopatra’s Gold



The queen of the Nile has put together 25 different combinations for winning big. If Bast, Scarab, Ankh, Torus, Ace, or the Queen are the featured symbols that will entertain you all the way to the bank. This is a game that entertains with every click. The scattered symbol is the pyramid and it acts a multiplier for the pot. This is the fastest way to double, 5x, 20X, and even 500x your wins and it is not a feature of many games. There is so much to win and the risk is only a coin. There is no reason to not even try at least a few spins. Cleapotra’s Gold is at your fingertips, literally as it is also available on our mobile casino platform, just visit from your mobile phone or tablet device.

Cleopatra's Gold Screenshot
Cleopatra’s Gold Screenshot

The ease of the game adds to the enjoyment. New players can get there start and build their confidence with a few winnings spins. The experienced will use this five reel as a chill game to get a few extra credits to play on other games. It is definitely a crowd favorite and that is why Yebo Casino offers free spins. The ever changing roster of weekly non deposit free spins keeps this game in the lineup. Programs aside, there is a powerful confidence from the developers to create such a deal. One spin is enough to get hooked and to understand what all the buzz is about. The additional features are fantastic sounds and graphics that get players involved and energized for the next spin. It is a game in the five reel genre and it comes highly recommended from the support team. Don’t doubt what a single coin can bring for a player.
Great prizes and a great design are a winning combination that is made better when a winning player gets the jackpot. Don’t miss out!

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