Chinese New Year, How to Get Luck Yebo Casino’s Tips

It is the last day before the New Lunar Year, the year of the Dog, a lucky year by all accounts. The dog itself being is a symbol of luck. Of course we are all sensible enough to know that luck does not exist (only if you are not a real money gambler) but let us pretend for a bit that good fortune does exist. Below are some things that you should observe in order to keep the luck.

chinese newyear celebrations



There is a lot of bad luck associated with bringing the dirt of the last year into the year. This means that you have to be done cleaning up before the New Year arrives. Even if you are not a fan of it, take time to tidy up. Your luck might depend on it.

Give Away Some Cash

You cannot do this in any random fashion. There is proper etiquette that has to be observed otherwise you will mess up the luck. The money is given in Red envelopes. Red is traditionally considered a lucky colour by the Chinese. This means that decorating and wearing red will  attract energies associated with luck. Oh, by the  way the cash has to be new bills and not in denominations of 4. 4 sounds like death in Chinese.

Scare Away the Evil New Year Spirit

pic of fireworks during chinese newyear 2018We are quite sure that the greater majority of South African gamblers do not want to associate with the “Evil” New Year Spirit. It just seems as though it is not the one that will result in a real money jackpot. And scaring it away is not that hard, just watch fireworks.

Yebo Casino’s Final Tip Before the Year Of the Dog

There are a lot of things in this life, some that we can control and some that we do not understand. Real money online casino gaming is the one place where the distinction between these two is no longer visible. The result is that thrilling feeling that we all experience as we place our bets.

All that said, a good sound gambling strategy is never a bad idea. Regardless of what you believe.