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Sticky Notes

Benefits of Using Sticky Notes for Productive Reading and Learning

Nowadays we are living in a world where technology has reigned supreme. The good thing is that there is a humble tool that is enhancing the productivity of reading and learning skill. Sticky notes have been modernized by the tech industry. But the original small paper is actually a preferred one than the one on...

Big Dreams

How to Move Forward After Achieving Your Big Dreams

As humans, we all have certain targets and goals that always propel us to achieve our big dreams. It’s not a matter of just dreaming, you have to implement your ideas so that your dream become a reality. It cannot remain as a pipeline dream rather you have to draft a plan and make a...

lessons about life

Life Lessons Noteworthy for Online Gamblers

It is always wise to take life seriously when making certain decisions. This can also open doors for other people to take you seriously. Life itself is a lesson that many people study with so much seriousness and lots of concentration. Hey! Take things slow and take time for you, life is too short to...

Casino gambling at Yebo

How to Boldly Take a Break from Casino Gambling

As much as we want online gamblers to win real money every time they place their bet. We also recommend that thy to give themselves a break. At some point, you really feel like you should take a break on casino gambling but you don’t exactly know where to start.  Therefore at Yebo Casino, we...

Voice Controlled Games for online gamblers

The Fascinating Future of Voice Controlled Games in Online Casino

Not only online casinos and casino games are evolving day in day out. But the advancement of technology must take all the credit. Technology is advancing at a very tremendous speed and its a good thing online casinos are quickly adapting to the new trends. Voice controlled games have become a new trend in the...